Etta Kralovec

UA 2015 Distinguished Outreach Professor, Professor of Teacher Education, PI APS Sin Fronteras Program, PI Noyce Border Scholar Program

Dr. Etta Kralovec is an award-winning Professor of Education at the University of Arizona.  She holds a doctorate in philosophy from Teachers College, Columbia University, from which she received a Distinguished Alumni Award in 2018. In 2017, she received an honorary Master of Philosophy degree in Human Ecology from College of the Atlantic and in 2002, she received a distinguished alumni award from her undergraduate college, Lewis and Clark College. She was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship in 1996 to establish a teacher education program at Africa University in Zimbabwe. Working closely with student editors, they co-authored the collection, Identity in Metamorphosis: An Anthology of Writings from Zimbabwe Students.

Under Kralovec’s direction, the UA M.Ed program received over 5 million dollars in federal funds to prepare science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) teachers for Title One schools in Arizona border communities. Her program was awarded the Peter Likins Inclusive Excellence Award from the University of Arizona in 2015. She was named Distinguished Outreach Professor in 2015. The program uses equity literacy as the conceptual framework and has developed a contextualized approach to preparing critically-conscious teachers for the complex border educational environment. See:

Kralovec’s current work explores the importance of context in the preparation of teachers for schools in border communities. She has conducted comparative research on teacher education in Finland and on the Finnish/Russian border. Kralovec’s international work also includes video projects with high school students in Finland and Mexico. Her 2001 ground-breaking book, The End of Homework, ignited a national conversation about homework.

In 2018, Kralovec became the Founding Director and Principal Investigator for the Bisbee Science Exploration and Research Center (BSERC). BSERC is dedicated to closing the opportunity gaps in informal STEM learning opportunities along the border and connecting the expertise at UA with border communities, by sponsoring Science Cafes and Science Friday programs for local school children.   In her role as Principal Investigator for BSERC, Kralovec conducts her scholarly work within a Community-based Participatory Action Research model.

Kralovec was named Director of the newly established UA Borderlands Education Center in 2019.